I'm Marissa. 

This blog is my love letter to Portland. For as long as I can remember I’ve held this city in high regard. I remember my brothers friends moving here in the mid-90s. When Elliot Smith lived here, when My Own Private Idaho was filmed here, when it still rained here more than it didn’t. “It was a different place then” is probably an understatement. It was a different place when I moved here in 2010 as well. That was Portlandia's first year being filmed here, it was still a pre-Sorenson Division, albeit, not by much. I guess what I’m getting at is - I moved right before the true madness hit.

While I don’t know much about old Old Town, I’ve been to Magic Garden and hung at the Republic. I started this blog about 2 weeks into calling Portland home because I loved the style (not fashion) of the people that lived here. It’s been a street style blog for eight years, and I’ve finally decided to take it to the next level. I’d like Portland’s Pretty to be a place that people can come and get any sort of recommendation you can possibly ask for, in fact, if it’s not on here, shoot me a line and I’ll try to make it happen. This is a constant work in progress and it is far from perfect, but it will never be, so I’ve decided to start it now, for fear that if I wait for something that looks like perfection it will never come. 

Email me at hi@portlandspretty.com for any questions on collaborations, availability, or press. 


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