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Thrillist Winter In The Summer Party

42 Below Vodka and Thrillist threw a party at Holocene last Tuesday. I was working the door but managed to get a couple of shots off when I could finally abandon my door duties. The free vodka cocktails were delicious – the “yellow snow” slushie was my fav – and the crowd was fun. But the best part of the night by far was getting to hear Tyler Tastemaker bring the heat, anytime I can hear “Freak Like Me”, I’m a happy camper.

Remember Mr. Tastemakers awesome shoes?

Futro Records Launch Party!!

Aaaaahhhh yeah, my good friend Chris of Futro knows how to throw a launch party. They just released their debut compilation Futro Kit 1.0, so pick it up! The crowd was cute – usual suspects – my camera is still f-ed so bare with me.

Cutest company winners! (That’s 3)
Adorable black mini.

Oh, Pashon and Minh!

I love me some monochrome.

She was super casual but still on point. Maj LIKE.

Summers almost over but I’m still searching for the perfect white dress. I loved the way she paired it with a classic jean jacket and cognac clogs.

Serious Business hard at work.

Loving the white jeans. That’s Chris reppin’ Futro. 

Anarchy Beach (Swan Island)

Remember Hanna from waaay back when?

Camera got weird – still cute tho.

Andrew Basketcase of The Mean Jeans. Best shorts ever. California knows how to party.

Best shirt ever, duh.

This image is now on a skirt.

3 words: Purple, Suede, Shorts.

More California love.

On Sunday the 69/420 boyz otherwise known as The Mean Jeans put together a punk rock BYOBG (beer and generator) show. The bill was The Therapists, The Suicide Notes (cutest band ever), Youthbitch (who just opened for Jon Spencer) and The Jeans. Portland saw another 90 degree day, and it was absolutely beautiful out on Swan Island. Anyhoo, it was an awesome day – perfect weather, good friends, cool tunes and Jaggey bombs. Who could ask for anything more?

The Merc’s Big Float

The Portland Mercury’s first annual Big Float happened on Sunday. While not as fashion fabulous as the event the day before (because, duh, everyone had just been floating down the Willamette), I managed to find a few well dressed folks enjoying the sun, river rat style. Here are some photographs in no particular order:

Trey of Voodoo Donuts always the pinnacle of high fashion.

The BEST vanilla ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

Adorable shorts, Salt-Water Sandals and sleeveless…good belt, more adorable shorts and charming slip-ons.

So sweet, congrats ladies, you win Cutest Couple!

Sticks and Stones Kiddie Pool Party: Part Deux

This is a post is particularly near and dear to me, as it marks the one year anniversary of my blog and my arrival in Portland. They say the first year is the hardest but I fall more and more in love with you everyday, Portland. Sticks & Stones make rad jewelry, I’ve mentioned them plenty of times before so I’m not going to get into it, but these guys know how to party and are friends with some major babes (read: this was one hot gathering). Last year it was nowhere near warm enough to go swimming. This year was a real scorcher, and it was BYOSS (bring your own super soaker). Needless to say people got soaked, (thanks Stephan for not nailing me). Turning to the clothes, girls and guys alike looked good. But what stood out most to me was the surplus of super-fly handbags in the crowd. Peep the amazing looks below.

Babe in Blue – Love her color scheme with the hot pink. Awesome handbag #1 – Cambridge Satchel Company

I love nothing more than a preppy summer look. White denim is my fave!

Awesome handbag #2 – Marc By Marc

The obligatory summer babes in bikinis shot.

Irie nail art

Coolest bartender EVER and how about that hat?!

Swagger: CHECK.

Wearing a suit with class.

Awesome handbag #3 – Vintage Japanese School Bag – Gift from Boyfriend

Probs gonna “copy bitch” this tattoo.

No sacrifice of style here even though it was extremely hot.

Like I didn’t obsess about her eyebrows for hours.

Awesome handbag #4 – Vintage Coach.

Mad sexy.All about accessories.

Winner: Most Classy

Awesome handbag #5 – Balenciaga


Red pants are IT.

My weakness for summer white continued.

No caption needed.


Winner: Cutest Jumper

Awesome handbag #6 – Unknown

Awesome Backpack #1 – The Herschel Supply Co. Brand

The obligatory Portland bearded dude.

Winner: Best Sneakers

You’ve probably seen her before on this blog.

Winner: Cutest Couple

My weakness for preppy continued.

Awesome handbag #7 – Unknown

Daring lip.

Body-con paired with a jean jacket is a big time fave of mine.

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