The One Moto Show


Chiyo of Made On The Moon always comes correct.



The boyfriend fit will take over in 2013, don’t sleep.


Love me some girls in Carhartt.




You might just see a girl in jeans and boots. I see impeccable fit, a perfectly worn sweatshirt and an amazing vintage Levi’s jacket.



I used to think motorcycles were a stupid way to kill yourself until my ex-boyfriend let me ride on the back of his Ducati and my life changed forever. Vroom Vroom bikes are way fun and I wish I had the guts to sell my Prius and get some sort of a late 70s Cafe Racer style bike. I prolly will one day but until then I’ll fantasize about it every year that The One Motorcycle Show comes to town. This event is definitely in my top five go-to events in Portland. It’s a super fun mix of people and if you don’t like big crowds I suggest checking it out in the daytime as it runs all weekend. Until next year guys, thanks for putting together such a great show.

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