Solestruck Deja Vu

The main event for the Solestruck Birthday festivities was Deja Vu on Saturday night at “The Spot” in North Portland. YACHT played an amazing set – Claire L. Evens, lead singer of YACHT, is now totally my new idol/spirit animal like so hard. Ontop of that there were four designers that took to the runway – Brady Lange, Degen, Leslie Pennel, and Stolen Girlfriends Club. It was an awesome evening and I didn’t grab a lot of pics cause I wanted to party! A big thanks to everyone involved that made this event happen and for whoever had the idea to make the drinks cheap – bless you my child.

Schnell werking a YO VINTAGE! jumper.

I need a leather skater skirt this fall/winter fo sho.

So mad this is blurry, this dress was so good!

Another blurry one :(

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