Doin’-It Over

The Do-Over is probs my favorite thing to do here in PDX in the summer. There’s always good DJ’s, fun people…and SANGRIA! Big ups to DJ NU-MARK for killing it, def the best of the day, hands down, without a doubt.

Two of the cutest, loved the mixed prints and the minty green shorts!

Love the 6.0′s.

This is Jams, I’ve taken her picture a handful of times, she’s an amazing dresser but I’d never really chatted with her. It turns out she’s from Mexico and has been living in Portland for something like 8 years, or maybe it was 4, I’d been drinking. Anyways, point is she’s crazy stylish and her soft and sweet look was the best of the day!

Perfect shoe choice for the look. LOVE IT!

I liked her color-blocking and how ’bout them arms???

Sweet vintage Vuarnet sunnies, totes obsessed.

Look at that nail art!

Also obsessed with her Karen Walker sunnies on the right.

 Nails(!) and more Karen Walker sunnies.

Aren’t these shoes cool? He told me they’re cons, John Varvatos.

Love the vintage Body Glove suit worn as a bodysuit.

A good vintage tee and some skinnies is all you need.

DJ NU-MARK in the flesh.

I want a pair of these wedge sneakers so bad.

** And since it’s an ADIDAS party here’s every pair I saw. **

Oh, and one pair of fucking sweet ass Nikes…I think they’re Nikes at least.


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