First Time: Solestruck’s Zine Launch Party!

Well, one can only assume that when the most fabulous shoe store in town decides to do a Zine it’s going to be amaze. And when they throw a party for said zine, that party’s gonna be tight. And the guests that are at that tight party are going to be fly as fuck.

Sheer hotness.

Yea, Elizabeth, yea!

Hello gams…

Starting a Lita count: #1

The Mom’s of the hour.

The boys came correct.

Stylin’ door babe.

More sheer hotness, and handmade seaecho bag.


I freaking love that hat! (It’s been on my blog before)

I mean a platform Saddle shoe – Lindy count: #1.

So good.

Lita count: #2

My fave PDX model/vegan blogger!

Casz up top.

Fancy below.

Lita count: #3

Pink tights and purple Chanel FTW!

Headband, spikes, dip dyed denim vest. This guys a walking trend watch.

 Lita count: #4

Lita count:#5

All white Mom.

 Editor in Chief Mom!

First timers.

Cutest couple of the night!!!

Maya, my lil’ blonde goth – you win my fave fit of the night!

First Time model and photog photo.

Lita count: #6

Ummm, hi cutest sisters ever.

These girls can rock a bold lip.

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  • By Solestruck Blog on 07.03.2012 at 12:24 pm

    [...] So uh, guess we made a ‘zine guys, and may have had a launch party for it last Friday at Ella Street Social Club. I know, weird right? BUT AWESOME! I know relationships can’t be built on secrets, and we were pretty secret about this one, but trust us- it’s so worth it, and in time (I mean real soon) you’ll be able to get your hands on it for yourselves! So until then, check out a few party pics via our girl, Portland’s Pretty: [...]

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