Isaac Hers Photo Shoot

As aforementioned Isaac Hers asked me to be a part of their Style Series, so Wednesday I went in to the store front after hours. Got my hair and make-up did by lovely ladies of Prima Salon, my picture taken by the talented Lavenda Memory,¬†and slipped on some dope heels from Solestruck Shoes. I managed to grab both Lavenda and Barbara looking totes adorbs that night…

Up first Lavenda: with her most valuable accessory – her camera. Hers skinnies were a perfect fit, the color of her shirt perfectly on trend, and her platforms were totes styley.

Such a natural beauty. You dig her blue highlights? I do!

Hard at work.

Next up Barbara: Those high waisted black wide legs were to die for – perfect fit and super flattering.

Nice Ziggy Stardust boots.

…And how ’bout that arm party?!

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