RIP Biggie

Friday was the anniversary of Big Poppa’s death. It was 15 years to the day that he was “allegedly” shot in Los Angeles by an unknown assailant. There was some pretty cool stuff going on to commemorate the legendary rapper. Branx, for instance, had a party. Pashon, as you can see was ready to go in his “Black Frank White” sweatshirt.

Can’t help but think of this line whenever I see FILAS – “Rock my Adidas never rock Fila¬†*I do not sniff the coke I only smoke sinsemilla*” – Beastie Boys.

OMGeeeeee, Kayla looked sooo cute Friday. High waisted cut-offs, cute Comey lookalike black booties, the most amazing, aaaahh-may-zing Rill Rill garter, the perfect red flannel, and a hot black velvet jacket.

Digging her new ombre do.

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