Valentine’s On Saturday

I have some friends visiting from the Bay Area and Saturday night we made our way down to Valentine’s. The show was pretty good, but the shit show that was SW on a Saturday night was less than fun. There was a lot of ladies in mini skirts that had no idea how to walk in heels. To quote my friend Damon, “we saw a lot of chapped lips”, if you catch my drift. Anywayzzzz, here’s who was lookin’ good.

My cute friends Courtney (L) and visitor Lauren (R). It’s a crappy pic, but they both have impeccable style – more pics to come.

You know I got mad love for striped shirts and her hair was great, I mean look at it! Cute baby bangs and a great color choice.

A perfect outfit. Her jeans fit perfectly.

A good white button down and another great hair cut and color. I’ve really been loving bleach blondes lately.

And a killer brown bootie to finish the look.

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