Sunday Brunch – Starky’s

Starky’s may not be the best brunch in town, but if you like Champagne sparkling wine, like I like sparkling wine, then it’s certainly the best deal. With purchase of an entree you can get $7 all-you-can drink┬áchamps. Maybe you’re thinking, “this is too good to be true” or “oh, it’s probably all OJ in the mimosas” or “I bet the glasses are small” if you are, you would be wrong on all accounts! They put the bottle of champs on ice, ON YOUR TABLE, and they walk away. Orange juice is there if you want it, but I would never. Anyways, I was a bit tipsy when I walked outta Ol’ Starky’s, but this lady in red caught my eye as we were leaving. Her jacket was lovely, (I’m into toggle coats lately). Her boots were dreamy, (she told me they were Frye).

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