Watch The Throne!!! Yeezy And Hova In Tacoma

Nig**s In Paris” five times. A greatest hits set from both Jay-Z and Kanye. And every Yeezy/Hov joint you can think of!!! Ahhh, yea, it was a pretayyy good night.

This guy lives in Portland, I always seem him at Sticks & Stones events.

I love vertical black & white striped button downs – LOVE!

My friend Jason was stoked on this guys denim Air Force 1′s.

Black skinnies and a chambray shirt is like, my fave outfit. Add a camo jacket from Staple and some fresh ta death 3′s and you gotta killer look. My boy Jaeho killed it.

Cute ass couple. Loved her high-waisted skinnies + statement necklace and his denim on denim + Gazelles looked great.

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