Deschutes Chef Challenge

Ok, here I go. Whenever I read/hear that Portland is not fashionable I get a little upset, because while I know this to be (mostly) true, I never actually see it first hand. I have some fucking fabulous friends, and all the events/shows/parties I go to people are either a) young[(ish) - under 40(ish)] or b) alternative(ish). So seeing the middle aged, normal dressing, yuppy(ish) couple doesn’t happen too often for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that I might add, it’s just not in my day-to-day. Therefore when I do go to a “normal” ($95 a head)¬†event I finally get why Portland was ranked #36 on the GQ worst dressed list. In any case, here’s the diamond in the rough at The Deschutes Chef Challenge Dinner.



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