Portland Fashion Week – Day 1

And so it begins. Portland Fashion week is in full swing and here’s the first round of pics to prove it. Man, I seem to shoot the same people again and again. I’ve obvs gotta get out of my comfort zone. I gotta take to the streets, explore new neighborhoods, attend parties where I know no one…on second thought, that sounds spooky scary. Enjoy the same people you always see below. AND DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!

My favorite model Mandi!

LUVED the knee highs and open toed platforms, but all these girls were amazing. Cutest couple, errr trio.

Bad light=blurry, but loved this girls punk-rock-high-low-look.

My kinda hat.

Some hot youngin’ in a body-con dress.


Cute hair, great lip.

Another hot youngin’. It’s scary how well kids can pose nowadays.

Another great hat.

This one was wearing a Gishley dress. Who coincidentally won the The Emerging Designers Competition that very night.

My girls: Eden Dawn, L, Portland Monthly and Marjorie Skinner, R, Portland Mercury.

Lace n’ Lips!

She told me she can’t pose and she talks the whole time I’m shooting her!

She complains.

She mocks me.

And she’s absolutely my fave – I luvs me some Schnell.

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