My First Dog Walker

Alright, so my friend Jason has been bugging asking me to do more themed posts: cute dog walker, stylish bike rider, and so on. Now of course I’d love to get those people out and about but they’re a bit harder to track down than your average party goer or coffee slanger. But walking over the Burnside today this neon woman caught my eye. I kept walking but turning back to look at her and her lil’ pup. Eventually I realized I looked too creepy to not ask for her picture. So, here you go Jason, my first dog walker post. YOU’RE WELCOME!

For a 9:00 am dog walking outfit, it doesn’t get much better, she’s both sporty and trendy. Oh, and did I mention she had a British accent, if that doesn’t just make her cuter, than I don’t know what does!

Oh – I know! Her adorable baby bump! Can you believe she had the nerve to apologize for it! In my mind it makes the outfit.

Thems some walkin’ kicks.

Hey pup.

Get going with your Marc by Marc ‘Petal to the Metal‘ bag…guuurrrrllll.

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