The Do-Over #4 – 2011

Same group of usual suspects at the Do-Over last Sunday – and they’re still all hella cute. WARNING: My camera is being weird, so lots of shots I thought I got of people didn’t turn out which makes me really sad. If I took your picture and you don’t see it on here it’s not ’cause I think you’re ugly. <3 Unlike the Sticks and Stones party that was all great handbags, this party I was looking more south of the ankle – lots of great dancin’ shoes.

This lovey lady totally wins best dressed. She’s wearing all of my favorite things: 1. cut-offs 2. Stripped blue and white shirt 3. Camo Jacket 4. Peep-toe platform sandal.Awesome Ducks snap-back.

Pashon always looks good especially when he’s holding my Nalgene bottle full of champs.

Just enough prep.

Ditto for this guy. Loves the Khakis in the summer.

Rad ombre-hair, great 90′s dress, AND she was fun in the bathroom line.

Patterned shorts she scored at Goodwill – much jealousy ensued.

Laughing at my jealousy!

Rocking the leopard print trend – Kelsy never looks bad.

Annoyingly photogenic!

The legging/Jordan combination makes me swoon. WANT WANT WANT.

Cutest Couple WINNERS!

Appropriately rocking Adidas.

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